Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creative Cocktail For Thirsty Creative Soul

Once in a while we all feel  a little "Off "   on creativity.... Something just doesn't click.
I have used this amazing recipe  for a long time and  ..... well  see for yourself :)

!!!!! Very important   !!!!!  Use your favorite Mug  to fully enjoy this Creative Drink !

Brew some of you favorite coffee.  I usually use French Press, not because I am French  :), but  the flavor is the most preserved and the coffee is usually  nice and strong. 

Next, put 2 scoops of your favorite ice cream  right into Hot Coffee...

Ice Cream will start to melt and create this wonderful, soft, frosty foam on top - this is an absolute Delicacy!
No need to put any sugar or milk, as it's already in it :). You can drink it while it's still warm, there is a really nice contrast between hot coffee and  melting ice cream   ..... or   throw in a few ice cubes to get it really cold.
Enjoy,  Create and have Fun! 
Cheers !  :)

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