Monday, August 9, 2010

New Miyuki Delica colors are in ...

New shipment arrived  with more Miyuki Delica colors... size 11/0 and size 8/0.
If you bought Miyuki from me before,  you know I only select best colors :)  well,  don't get me wrong they are all very pretty ....
 All beads are being sorted right now in  your favorite rectangular storage  boxes, so please be patient  ....I'll do my best to post them on the web site, as quickly as humanly possible.

Here is a little preview of Miyuki sitting in bags :)   

Here is some Miyuki delica that have been packed into storage containers

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creative Cocktail For Thirsty Creative Soul

Once in a while we all feel  a little "Off "   on creativity.... Something just doesn't click.
I have used this amazing recipe  for a long time and  ..... well  see for yourself :)

!!!!! Very important   !!!!!  Use your favorite Mug  to fully enjoy this Creative Drink !

Brew some of you favorite coffee.  I usually use French Press, not because I am French  :), but  the flavor is the most preserved and the coffee is usually  nice and strong. 

Next, put 2 scoops of your favorite ice cream  right into Hot Coffee...

Ice Cream will start to melt and create this wonderful, soft, frosty foam on top - this is an absolute Delicacy!
No need to put any sugar or milk, as it's already in it :). You can drink it while it's still warm, there is a really nice contrast between hot coffee and  melting ice cream   ..... or   throw in a few ice cubes to get it really cold.
Enjoy,  Create and have Fun! 
Cheers !  :)