Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congress is about to take our copyrights on our work! You can take action right now

Have you heard of the Orphan Works Bill ?  It's not about the Orphan Children like many of you might think .....  I was surprised to hear that many of those in congress, who actually are voting for the bill  are thinking that's what it is ..... I know it's unacceptable!

In a few words.... the bill proposes all of the unsigned or unidentified artworks  to be considered Orphans, so that they can be used by anybody for any purpose without your consent ( and it lumps everything from your home photos, that you posted on the  web site to music, art, paintings, 3D designs -everything!!!)

You may think, ok I'll just sign everything, guess what not everything can be signed and stickers can be removed  - got the idea ? :)

Right now Copyright protects you as the owner of the artwork from being infringed upon, the bill as it is being proposed,  weakens the protection of those rights.
The good news, that we, as crafters, artists and designers can take action to stop the bill right now.

You can e-mail mambers of Judiciary Committee , that you want them to vote against  this bill. This is the most important step for all of us right now.
Use the link to send prepared letter to the representative, based on your zip code :


To learn more about the bill itself  and to send a prepared e-mail letter, please log in to: www.OWOH.org

also See video of Joanne Fink and Brenda Pinnick regarding the Orphan Works Bill interviewed by Megan Araujo -host of When Creativity Knocks


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