Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Choker Necklace Designs with Stretchiko elastic cord


With the arrival of New Stretchiko colors  I've been inspired to make some cute Choker Necklaces...

Check out some new Designes that I've made!  There are about 12 different colors, including New Black  and Chocolate Brown.  My favorite of course is Purple  :) :) :) 

To see all Stretchiko colors, please click here

Monday, September 14, 2009

This was a great show !

Some of the Artists I discovered:

Kevin Lahvic ..... filled with messages and symbols, his art will make you stay and wonder and absorb the wonderful energy....

 James Monroe  ... shows nature in it's beauty through a lense of simplicity and warmth - his paintings are so soulfull and close to heart. 

Joseph Sikora  filled with movement, his paintings are so lively, energy is bursting through them... his style reminds me of impressionism but more mordern and urban...

  Marketa Sivek   - color intensity is so amazing you can almost feel it on your skin.  It is an amazing feeling to be surounded  by her paintings

many more  artists were there and the energy was just amazing

2nd Annual Fall smARTshow!"3 DAYS, 150 ARTISTS, 1 PLACE TO BE.