Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Choker Necklace Designs with Stretchiko elastic cord


With the arrival of New Stretchiko colors  I've been inspired to make some cute Choker Necklaces...

Check out some new Designes that I've made!  There are about 12 different colors, including New Black  and Chocolate Brown.  My favorite of course is Purple  :) :) :) 

To see all Stretchiko colors, please click here


tatwood said...

How would I connect the two ends for a necklace to make a continuous circle? It would need to look finished and be sturdy enough to take repeated stretching. I can see how you finished the ends off on the second necklace, but can't figure out the first one. I'd love to use this stuff for my beads and pendants.

Svetlana Kunina said...

On the first Necklace I used thread zapper to bind the ends together and hide it behind the ring in the center of a necklace.

The thread zapper helps to melt the cord together and binds it very quickly and makes it look nice.

Hope it helps :)